Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bubble wrapping option
    For both purchasing and forwarding services, to minimize damage to the shipment, we offer a bubble wrapping option at 2,000 KRW per shipment.
    Please check the bubble wrapping option check box when filling out the application form.
  • Box consolidation(combining multiple arrivals) & Item check service
    For both buying and shipping services,
    to reduce the volume of the box and save shipping costs, we offer a combined box delivery option. (box consolidation)
    And if an item picture is attached, we will check the arrival item. Read below for more information of GoShopKorea service terms.
    The minimum option charge is 3,000 KRW or 1,000 KRW per arrival package.


    Article 16: Inspections

    1. The Company may open up products and inspect the contents. As the Company is under no obligation to carry out such inspections, however, inspection results do not represent a guarantee of any sort about the quality of the relevant product, the presence or absence of defects, authenticity, or the occurrence of any violation of applicable legislation in the country of origin, or destination or intermediate countries.
    2. In the event that an inspection, as outlined in the preceding paragraph, brings to light any items that are in violation of or are suspected of being in violation of the Law for Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds or other applicable legislation, the Company may take steps such as notifying the police or other government agency or surrendering the items in question.
    3. The Company shall accept no liability for any losses or damage sustained by the member as a result of product inspections or any other actions stipulated in this article.


  • Actual weight or volume weight for shipping cost
    The shipping cost is calculated for both DHL express and EMS as the larger weight of the actual weight or volume weight.
    EMS Volume weight : width x length x height (cm)/6000
    DHL Volume weight : width x length x height (cm)/5000

    Most items have a higher actual weight, but lightweight items such as blankets, dolls, and empty plastic bottles in a large box can be calculated by volume weight.
  • Customs clearance related to recipient country
    We, GoShopKorea, are a carrier that carries the shipment and cannot provide detailed information or involvement in customs clearance at the recipient country.
    In particular, it is recommended that the recipient checks with the customs office of the country before sending the equipment related to food, medicine, mobile phone, etc.
    In some cases, customs clearance and import permits are required according to the regulations of the recipient country.

    All shipments sent from Korea are subject to customs inspection after arrival in the country (random inspection) and are sometimes difficult depending on the tendency of locally assigned customs officials.
    Please understand that we cannot intervene or give you a definite answer because customs clearance is not the carrier's business.

    Of course, we communicate/help with local customs clearance with the courier, but all rights to customs clearance are with local customs.
  • Shipping insurance
    *If you do not purchase shipping insurance, the courier will proceed with basic compensation, but only partially within the value of the items you have declared.
    *If it is a high-priced product, you must purchase a separate cargo loading insurance to receive compensation for the value of the product.
    *If you want insurance, please inform us when you fill out the application form. (Additional amount of insurance purchasing: 1% or at least 15,000 KRW of invoice price)
    Please note that electronics such as fragile mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc. can be sent, but insurance cannot be provided.

  • Extra surcharges for DHL express
    We can ship goods over 30 kg by only DHL express. (Maximum 300kg/box)
    EMS service is not available for more than 30kg package.
    If a box weight exceeds 70kg (1box), addtional service charge from the courier : 140,000 KRW / box
    If the length of one side of the package exceeds 120cm: 120,000 KRW / box
    KRW 36,000 per shipment or KRW 600 per kilo, if higher

    KRW 18,000
  • Prohibited delivery items
    * The prohibited delivery items specified by the courier are as follows:
    If you falsely fill out the application form and send out prohibited items, all legal responsibility lies with you.
    Also, the regulations for communication equipment such as food, medicine, and mobile phones vary by recipient country, so please contact the relevant country's customs office first before sending it.
    We, GoShopkorea, are a carrier and cannot intervene in customs-related affairs in the recipient country.
    - Antique (breakable or brittle antiques)
    - Asbestos
    - Gunfire, ammunition, explosives, or devices
    - Hazardous substances in accordance with IATA regulations
    -Gold/Gold bar (or precious metals)
    - Government-regulated items
    -living animals
    -An animal's accessories such as hunting trophies, ivory, shark fins, or by-products of animals prohibited from transporting by bodies or international organizations, and products made using animals -or international organization regulated items
    - Human remains 
    - Illegal products and drugs such as counterfeit goods
    *We restrict the shipment of items that fall under the following:
    - Box with food marks on it (Delayed customs clearance)
    - Box with dangerous marks on it
  • Delivery Time
    It is practically difficult to tell the delivery period for all countries.
    However, if there is no problem with customs clearance, the delivery will be completed :
    DHL Express
    Asia and Southeast Asia: 2-3 days
    Americas: 2-4 days
    Europe and the Middle East: 3-5 days.
    Asia and Southeast Asia: 7-10 days
    Americas: 10-15 days
    Europe and the Middle East: 10-30 days.
  • Products equipped with lithium batteries
    Products equipped with lithium batteries can be requested English MSDS documents in the event of boarding aircraft and can only be sent by DHL express. (EMS delivery is unavailable for battery products)

    [DHL Exception regulations]

    (1) One battery is connected to one piece of equipment.

    -> You can pack less than 2 units in 1 box and send up to 4 units in total in 2 boxes.

    (2) Two batteries are combined with one piece of equipment.

    -> Only 1 box can be packed, but up to 2 boxes can be sent.
    (3) Only the battery itself can't be shipped.

    -> Battery must be equipped with a device. 
  • Free Korea address for shipping service
    We provide a free Korean address for 30 days from the first product arrives. (there will be a 1,000 KRW storage fee per day after the 30 days)
    In order to find the arrival item quickly, you must enter the same name as the application form
    Please note it's very difficult to find your item if you don't enter the same name.
    Is it difficult to shop at Korean shopping malls because of the language barrier?
    If you use the bank transfer/credit balance methods with our purchasing service, we will shop for you for free. (0% commission)
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